Exclusive Women's Only Class
Exclusive Women’s Only Class

4 Week Intensive

Wednesdays 7pm to 8:30pm Starts 12 October

Isn’t it time you learned the basic principles of how to defend yourself? Now is the time to honour the call to know what to do if you ever need to surprise an attacker and yourself!

And do it before the silly season starts! Be part of this all female class where you will learn to use the basic Wing Chun Kung Fu principles taught by Sifu Antonella.

By the end of the 4 weeks you will know how to be grounded, have more confidence and focus, and be able to defend yourself. The principles taught by Sifu Antonella can also be used in your everyday life.

Special Bonus: As a Wellness Advocate, Antonella supplements her classes with essential oils. Each week you will be introduced to useful essential oils that will complement and assist your learning across this 4 week intensive program. Learn as you go that your abilty to learn to defend yourself can be enhanced through the use of essential oils and blends – feel more grounded, focused, alert and self-aware.

Bring a girlfriend, your daughter, sister, mum, a female work colleague or any woman you know who deserves to feel confident and empowered to look after herself like never before. Come along together to learn, encourage each other and have fun!

REGISTER HERE:https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/womens-self-defence-class-4-week-intensive-introductory-rate-9700-tickets-28125602434